šŸ“ø Welcome to my photography site!šŸ“ø
I’m Tasha, an avid explorer and amateur photographer, specializing in capturing the untamed beauty of landscapes and architectures within them, the enchanting world of wildlife, and the heartwarming moments shared with our beloved pets.

šŸŒ About the Photographer šŸŒæ
My day job as a technology educator with Bytes and Bits and marketing consultant with Pretty Nerdy Digital Marketing, requires a great deal of analytical thinking and researching in front of the computer screen. As I advise my learners, its important to find a balance between analytical and creative parts of our brain and in our lives. Aside from helping lead more well-balanced lives, it can also strengthen each other. Photography allows me to focus on the creativity and step away from the screen, researching, learning, and allows me to regenerate.

šŸŒæ Through My Lens: A Visual Journey šŸŒæ
This platform serves as a canvas for my favorite snapshots. Join me on this visual odyssey, where every photo tells a tale of the natural wonders that surround us.